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Call for research projects

The General Directorate of Technical and Vocational Education in Alborz Provinces invites all scholarly and research centers, faculty members of universities and institutes of higher education and other researchers, scholars and experts to carry out the following research projects:

  1. Designing and producing software / educational simulators / making educational equipment and training assistance in the field of training
  1. Development of a program of development program of the province with the marketing approach of vocational training

Interested parties can refer to ALBORZTVTO.IR for submission and submission of their proposed proposal by the deadline of December 30, 1396.

It needs to be explained that the most suitable proposals are selected through the arbitration of the specialized committee and are selected by inviting the facilitator and fixing the final problems for the implementation and conclusion of the contract.

Also, the researcher should have at least a master’s degree according to the research guidelines of this department.

Also, please note the applicants for more information and receive the proposal format
Can call 32520258 or address in person at: Karaj Square, Taleghani, Justice Department, Alborz Province Technical and Vocational Education Department, Education Office.



North Taleghani, Ayatollah Taleghani Square, Karaj, Alborz
Phone: +98 (026) 32539595-32539494
Fax: +98 (026) 32519611
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